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Client Testimonials

Grateful Husband

My wife came to  see Janet at Inspiring Radiance  after having our twins. She was really struggling with post-partum depression and Janet helped her get through everything that was going on. After months of struggling I finally got my wife back. We are forever grateful. 


Janet cares about helping others become heart-healthy(emotionally).


Janet is like my guardian angel. Everything was going wrong  in my life and  then Safe Space referred me to Janet. I felt comfortable with her from day 1. She let me wait till I was ready to share and I could not thank her enough. She gave me a sense of hope that I haven't had in a long time.. She is unlike any other therapist I've seen before. She is genuine and knows how to truly help.

DV Survivor

I won a session at Inspiring Radiance, LLC and it was great to go learn about myself. Thank you Janet Garcia. 



Inspiring Radiance, LLC and Janet Garcia's 30 days of self improvement contest was a wonderful way to bring attention to ourselves. Today was the drawing and I won 2 fantastic gifts!! Please check out Janet and her business. I went for a shine visit and she is great to talk to. Thank you thank you thank you

Although Janet may look like your

general professional she treks her

own path, veering of the beaten path

to make what she truly believes in,

into a reality. She is not bland or basic, she is always coming up with new ideas to keep things fresh.


Last Day of the 30 Day Self-Care Challenge‼️ And just because it’s our final day with all you fabulous women, doesn’t mean we stop taking care of ourselves! I am forever grateful to you Janet Garcia for masterminding this amazing group! Thank thank you thank you🙏🏼❤️

 — feeling grateful.


She is very passionate with everything she does, inspiring all those who hear her words to support her and truly believe in what she is attempting to do

Inspires others to look at themselves to be worthy of who they are. Thank you for all that you do 


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