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A client should be informed of price so that they can make the most informed decision. Many individuals seek a therapist

based on cost; however there are a few other aspects to consider. It is important to focus on the connection you feel with

the therapist.  You should find a therapist you can connect with, someone you will feel comfortable discussing difficult even

traumatic topics with. Therapy will not be effective unless you can form this type of bond with your therapist.  It is okay to

shop around and ask the appropriate questions.  See below for some questions you can ask a therapist when shopping


  1. What experience do you have working with the problem I am struggling with?

  2. What license do you have as a therapist and how long have you been practicing?

  3. What is your ideal client?

  4. What has your success rate been with clients that have similar problems?

  5. What is your approach to doing therapy in a situation similar to this one?

  6. Do you have a level of expertise? If so what additional training was required and are you certified?

Other things to consider, experience really matters. For some problems such as trauma, seeing a specialist is extremely

essential. In addition, verify the license of the professional you are choosing to work with. In the state of Florida a license

can be verified by visiting the following website: .

In addition, verify that the therapist is in good standing with the state regulatory board and has no complaints against them.  

Learn about the different treatment orientations. Most therapists will utilize a combination of treatment orientations.  Lastly

trust your gut, if you feel you are not connecting with your therapist then continue looking. Do not give up on therapy, find a

therapist you feel comfortable with.

Cost of Therapy:

 Diagnostic Intake/Initial Assessment 60 minute: $165

 Individual Therapy Session 60 minutes: $150

 Couples Session 60 minutes: $165

 Family Psychotherapy 60 minutes: $165

Accepted Insurance Plans:

  • Cigna & Cigna EAP

  • United Healthcare (check benefits only certain benefits apply)


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