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When a woman learns to love all parts of

herself everything falls into place like magic. She

becomes one with her true essence where her

energy and aura light up the world around her.

Janet Garcia, LCSW




I am Janet Garcia and I am the CEO and founder of Inspiring Radiance, LLC where we teach women to fall in love with themselves unconditionally. Women are the creators of life. If a woman does not feel she is worthy or good enough that can have ripple effect generations to come. We help women see that they are worthy. We join & guide them on their healing journey so they can create the life they have always wanted and envisioned. Once a woman is empowered and knows her true worth, she can step into her true essence and radiate light.

In July of 2016, I launched my own private counseling practice because I had a passion to teach women to love themselves unconditionally. I struggled with my self-worth in my adolescence and into my young adulthood. I began a healing journey that completely transformed my life. So now I want to help women transform their lives.  As I began my professional career as a therapist I began to truly see the percentage of women struggling with self-esteem/self-worth issues. It was staggering and completely unacceptable. It became clear to me that I needed to use my personal and professional experience to be the light of inspiration for others. I began to research and search for a model that encompassed the multifaceted needs of women. I discovered that there truly wasn't a model that fit what I was looking to do. So I created my own. I am the creator of the S.H.I.N.E. model that caters to the individual needs of women. This model helps women identify the areas they are struggling in and teaches them how to self-love and self-care based on their own specific needs. It teaches them how to honor themselves. It inspires them to reach their full potential. It teaches them how to nurture themselves and embrace their insecurities. I am absolutely passionate about the work I do and look forward to joining and guiding you on your healing journey!


Contact Us: 

(772) 266-3064

901 SW Martin Downs Blvd Suite #301

Palm City, FL 34990

If you are experiencing an emergency situation, please call 911 or proceed to the nearest hospital emergency room for help.You may also call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 988 for free 24 hour hotline support.

We understand how difficult reaching out for help can be. What if we told you there was a way to resolve traumatic memories without even having to talk much about the disturbing memories. With EMDR therapy you can expect rapid results, almost like magic. EMDR which stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing is a form of therapy that helps people heal from trauma or other distressing life experiences. EMDR therapy has been extensively researched and has demonstrated effectiveness for trauma. It is powerful, life changing modality. We specialize in using this powerful modality.


Take a look at this video on an introduction into EMDR Therapy. Courtesy of EMDR International Association: 

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