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EFT Tapping for Loving Yourself Unconditionally

"Self-love is to love yourself by honoring the essence within you."

At the core of so many issues is the inability to love oneself. I work with women who struggle with this every day. One of the most common questions I ask is, “When is the first time you remember feeling this way?” The most common answer I receive is, “I’ve always felt this way, I’ve never felt good enough”. This is so not okay with me. I want women to see the essence within them and step into their radiance. If you struggle loving yourself you must address what brought you here in the first place. Ignoring it will not make it go away. One intervention known as the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) commonly referred to as “tapping” can reprogram your mind, body, and spirit for unconditional self-love. When you love yourself unconditionally everything falls into place. When you love yourself unconditionally there is no room for depression, fear, anxiety, and all of the other emotions that weigh us down. What does it really mean to love yourself unconditionally?

It is to love yourself without conditions, with no strings or conditions attached. It is to accept yourself as you are in this moment. To accept all parts of yourself: the good, the bad, and the parts of yourself that you keep hidden. When you learn to love yourself unconditionally you become one with the essence within you. You step into your power and become the magnificent being you were placed on this earth to be.

This tapping script will help you to begin to address this issue. If this has been a struggle for you expect to become emotional. Don’t give up, do not stop, allow the tears to flow. Work through the pain. You will feel much better after completion.

Disclaimer: It is best to work with an experienced & licensed mental health professional when addressing serious issues such as trauma. Not all mental health professionals are trained in the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) so if this is the route you want to take be sure to find a mental health professional who is also trained in this technique.

If you are unfamiliar with the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) please refer to or check out my YouTube channel: for an introduction to EFT. This tapping script will also be available as a video on my YouTube channel.

Find a quiet spot where you will not be interrupted for 20-30 minutes. Allow yourself the space and time to do this work. Burn a candle with your favorite scent or play relaxing music to create the mood.

Let’s get started:

Karate Chop point: Even though I struggle loving myself, I’m not really sure where I picked up that belief, it’s just how I feel. I can acknowledge that this is a struggle I have.

Even though I feel so worthless inside, maybe I will never be able to love myself unconditionally, I choose to be open today to receiving the message that I am worthy of love and I choose to begin to love myself without conditions.

Even though I believed that I was unworthy for so long, today I choose a different way, I choose to begin to love and accept myself unconditionally.

Next, we will begin tapping on the meridian points while acknowledging your negative beliefs so we can begin to release them.

Eyebrow: I do not love myself.

Side of the eye: I don’t know how to love myself.

Under the Eye: I feel so worthless.

Under the nose: Like I’ll never be enough.

Chin: Like I’m defective.

Collarbone: Who could love me?

Under Arm: I can’t even love me.

Top of the Head: Things keep happening that prove there’s something wrong with me. I feel like such a failure.

Eyebrow: This feeling that I just can’t shake.

Side of the eye: Maybe I didn’t have someone to show me what unconditional love was.

Under the Eye: So, I never learned how.

Under the nose: I listened to every one’s else’s definition of love.

Chin: and I learned to hate myself.

Collarbone: To not find value in myself.

Under Arm: To put everyone else first.

Top of the Head: I lived my life believing everyone else was better than me.

Take a slow deep breath in and then release. As you release imagine all the beliefs that you don’t have value slowly disappearing with your outward breath. Allow them to disappear from your mind, body, and soul.

Rate your intensity level on a scale of 0-10, with 10 being the most intense. Continue tapping through negative beliefs until you can’t think of any others. Then resume with this tapping script.

Eyebrow: I’m ready to begin loving myself just the way I am.

Side of the Eye: I now know everyone else hurt me because they were also hurting.

Under the Eye: Their beliefs were about them.

Under the nose: I recognize I hid behind this for a long time because I didn’t want to face the pain beneath it.

Chin: But it’s the only way.

Collarbone: I recognize I am deserving of giving and receiving love.

Under Arm: I choose to begin to accept myself just as I am.

Top of the Head: Although it’s a new feeling, I’m open to receiving it.

Take a slow deep breath in and then release

Now we are going to tap on the heart center. The heart center meridian can be accessed by placing your middle finger right at the cleavage point. You can place your fingers in a vertical line above and below this tapping point. The heart center meridian point allows you to address very deep issues. While tapping on the heart center say the following statements out loud.

I’m grateful for the ability to heal the wounds from my past.

I’m grateful that I can recognize what it is I really need.

I’m grateful because I am learning to appreciate who I am.

I am grateful that I can begin to be my true self.

I am grateful that I am working on healing myself and loving myself unconditionally.

I am grateful that I am open to receiving and giving love.

I am grateful that I am working toward stepping into my power and letting it shine through.

Take a slow deep breath in and then release.

After completion take a few moments to reflect. Write down any new insights or thoughts that came to mind. In particular pay attention to any negative beliefs as you will need to tap on these to clear them out. Be sure to tap on them the next time. I would recommend you make this a part of your daily practice until you completely love and accept yourself unconditionally.

If I can be of service in your journey to healing and learning to love yourself do not hesitate to reach out.

Janet Garcia, LCSW

Inspiring Radiance, LLC

(772) 266-3064

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