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Do You Love Yourself Unconditionally?

According to a recent Dove Beauty study, the majority of women in the world have body-esteem issues, with over 74% in the US, and 78% in Canada, saying they did not feel confident with their bodies.  By contrast, only 36% of women in South Africa, reported a lack of confidence in how their bodies looked.  
The truth is that we are ALL beautiful and were fearfully and wonderfully made.  It's my vision that we would live in a world were women saw themselves through loving eyes and loved themselves, unconditionally.
So how about you? Where do stand when it comes to loving yourself unconditionally? 
Take the Inspired Self-Love quiz to find out how you score on the 5 core  principles of unconditional self-love and get a copy of
The 8 Essential Ways to Loving Yourself BluePrint!  

Janet Garcia. LCSW is the CEO and founder of Inspiring Radiance, LLC where we teach women to fall in love with themselves unconditionally. Women are the creators of life. If a woman does not feel she is worthy or good enough that can have ripple effect generations to come. We help women see that they are worthy. We join & guide them on their healing journey so they can create the life they have always wanted and envisioned. Once a woman is empowered and knows her true worth, she can step into her true essence and radiate light.

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